Survived Another Year

I survived another birthday (December 20), another Solstice, another Christmas, another year. I also survived the battle with the fruitcakes in the fake war on Christmas. Here is my commemorative tee shirt/coffee mug design to prove it.War_On_Christmas.png

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Dark Winter is Binge Watch Time


New design in my cafepress shop, time to Binge Watch something.Shirts, mugs, duvets, ornaments, pillows, binge watching accessories.

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Waking Up Worried Since Election 2016


The world is in constant anxiety caused by mentally unstable Trump. Mugs, tees, and more.

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Alice In Grass Valley, Late 1950’s

This snapshot of me with a cousin was taken in Grass Valley, California, when we were on a family vacation visiting my father’s siblings who lived there. I wish I knew the name of this cousin now. I remember this moment, holding out anĀ apple for him to take a bite.

– Alice Flynn


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West Virginia Farm Landscape

This large landscape painting was commissioned by a family farm in West Virginia where you can see this view. copyright Alice Flynn

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Relations Unknown

I have only a small color photo print of this large painting titled “Relations Unknown”, as the painting was lost to an unethical gallery owner who did not return it to me after a show. So many years have gone by, I thought the location of the painting would not be discovered or the painting may possibly be destroyed.

This evening I had an interesting phone call from someone who has had the painting and appreciated it in his home for many years. Who knows what round-about way it got to him, as it was not from the gallery.

“Relations Unknown” was inspired by a small snapshot I found in my mother’s black and white negatives and prints. She had placed a few old photos in a white envelope with the simple script on the front, “Unknowns”. These people were so expressive, I was inspired by their impression on me to adapt the figures, place them in Montana, and create this painting.

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Evolution – Change I Can Think About

This Darwin portrait design is my original, copyright Alice Flynn, July 19, 2015. It is available online on products in my Cafepress shop under the division “Science”.

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