August 9, 2010, Old Camera Is Old

Here is the painting created today.  I set one of the old cameras from my collection on the blue work shirt I wore in the garden this morning.  Looking at the lens and viewfinders, it reminds me of the internet meme “x y is x”, or faces in inanimate objects, Happy Chair Is Happy.  I almost titled this little painting “Astonished Camera is Astonished”.  You can see the many images of inanimate object faces at
The painting is oil on canvas panel, 4 inches by 6 inches.

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3 Responses to August 9, 2010, Old Camera Is Old

  1. Laurie Johnson says:

    I have this camera in my collection too!

  2. aliceflynn says:

    Most of my collection of old cameras are hand held bellows cameras. Info I’ve found on this box Target Brownie Six-20 says that Kodak produced it in the ’40’s and ’50’s. I think I found this one in a thrift store. Most of them I found for just a few dollars each in second hand stores in the mid 1970’s.

  3. Sweet blog, I hadn’t noticed earlier in my searches!
    Continue the wonderful work!

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