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Nature illustrations

This painting is part of a nature series I created for imprinting on souvenir sportswear.  The illustrations were sold nationally in hotel and resort boutique gift shops. I love watching the birds at the feeders outside my studio window.  The … Continue reading

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Mothers and Sons

My son grew up without my parents in his life, as they were killed in a car accident when I was young.  He knew them only from the old photos we have in our home.  He would ask me, “Mom, … Continue reading

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School assignment on hypocrisy

This illustration is a little off beat for most of my work, but was inspired by a middle school class studying the meaning of hypocrisy.  At the time, my son and I had a discussion of how he could approach … Continue reading

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First spring flower found today

Astonishment!  Today I found this first flower just feet from the layers of snow.  I have no idea from where it migrated to sprout next to the east side foundation.  This is in a bed that I cleared from old … Continue reading

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Nature is my muse… hurry, spring!

I paint more in good weather! I always find it easier to be creative when the snow is gone and green and colorful growth surrounds my home and studio.  I am itching to be able to work in the gardens.  … Continue reading

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Full Moon Paintings

Since the 70’s I’ve been intrigued with nocturnal paintings, especially since the solar eclipse that I viewed in 1979.   This is an oil painting I created after that eclipse, a full moon with the portrait of a red haired girl.  … Continue reading

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For love of Jane Austen… and Mr Darcy

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve read Pride and Prejudice and watched the numerous film versions.  Whenever I need “comfort reading”, I turn to Jane Austen. Last week I had a doctor’s appointment, and not wanting to touch … Continue reading

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