The Shamrock Will Be Worn

Hand Painted Shamrock Necklace

A cliche symbol, the shamrock has been over-used in many ways, becoming the “plastic Paddy” icon that has commercialized Saint Patrick’s Day.  It sets my teeth on edge when I see a four leaf clover image used interchangeably with a shamrock.  But, there is a sweet tradition of wearing a shamrock, and this reminds me of a verse from the song I sang in a video post previously, Erin Gra Mo Chroi.  The lyrics are, “The turf fire’s burning bright, on the hearth at home tonight.  The snow flakes they fall fast on a winter’s day.  Saint Patrick’s day will come, and the shamrock will be worn, in the fair little isle so far away.”

This one of a kind watercolor charm necklace is available at

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