My desk is an old treadle sewing machine

Last fall I decided to move my laptop and wacom tablet to an old Singer treadle sewing machine I’ve had since I was a girl.  This is the sewing machine on which my mother taught me to sew.  There is now a scanner next to it instead of the printer in the photo.

The sewing machine still works, and with the treadle mechanism, I it is an exercise desk, too!

On the screen is a design I created that says, “Keep Calm and Blog On”.

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1 Response to My desk is an old treadle sewing machine

  1. aliceflynn says:

    If you have an old treadle machine, you don’t have to remove the sewing mechanism to make it a desk. Mine is just folded away to the inside and a clip board is laying over the space. My laptop sits on the clip board.

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