The Wonder of Bees

The first flowers that bloom abundantly here in this high mountain Montana town are the dandelions.  Home owners curse them, mow them, dig them, poison them, and in general try to rid the lawns of them.

I generally tolerate the dandelions, although I dig some of them out that are crowding other plant growth, but I think of them as a feast for the bees.

Until apple trees start blooming, the dandelions are important for the first spring bees.

This is a digital design I created in the 90’s for one of my tee shirt printing clients.

More power to the bees!

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1 Response to The Wonder of Bees

  1. Joni Beach says:

    I also leave the dandelions in my yard…by the time spring arrives, the yellow color is great! Lofe your illustration…My Best, joni

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