Dragonflies – Love Them

Dragonflies are mesmerizing.  Their transparent wings, the colors, the speed of flight, hovering… I love to watch them.

I’ve created many designs and paintings over the years with the subject of dragonflies.  This mandala of four dragonflies and a blue flower was created for a tee shirt printing client.  It has the energy of the hovering and darting dragonfly.

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3 Responses to Dragonflies – Love Them

  1. I like the radial symmetry and sense of sinuous motion in your design. I’m also intrigued by dragonflies, and today I posted a picture of one on my recently started nature photography blog:


  2. aliceflynn says:

    Great photo, Steve. I don’t think I’ve seen a dragonfly with those sunflower colors before.

  3. Thanks. There are 238 species of dragonflies and damselflies in Texas: come visit the state!

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