Playing the way we did as kids

I created this logo for a possible web site of games as we played when I was a child, when fun was also exercise.

The web site was never developed by the client, but I still think it is a good concept.  Kids need to learn how to play by doing active fun.

I remember jumping rope almost every day when the weather was good.  I’m a baby boomer, so there were lots of kids in the neighborhood.  We would ride bikes, play kick ball in the street, play jacks (great for dexterity), roller skate, hopscotch, and lots of other games that involved songs, running and groups of kids.  In the winter there was ice skating, sledding and building snow men and snow forts.

An online friend of mine has collected many play songs and children’s chants at this web site:

The songs and chants kids clap and skip to now are so up to date with the way they see life now.

I can still remember some of what we would chant back in the 60’s to a jump rope…

“Not last night but the night before,

Twenty four robbers came a knockin’ at the door,

I jumped out as they jumped in….”

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