Vintage Harley with a sidecar

In my large archive of vintage family photographs, is this photo of a Harley Davidson and sidecar.  In his leathers, sitting in the sidecar, is the owner of the Harley and friend of my uncles, Carl Smith of Scranton, PA.

My uncle Pete Flynn is seated on the Harley, his wife Molly beside him (with the Alice B. Toklas profile), and my uncle Jim Flynn stands at the right side.

This photo was taken in rural, arid eastern Montana, in Musselshell county.  My uncles, as well as my dad and other relatives, left the coal mines of Scranton, where they were raised, to work on the Great Northern Railway in Montana.

Their friend would travel from Scranton to Montana and back on his Harley to visit them.   Imagine back then the dirt roads and trails he would drive on to make that journey.

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2 Responses to Vintage Harley with a sidecar

  1. xenubarb says:

    Dirt roads and trails make for horrible riding…however, that nice sidecar would have kept the pilot from slipping and tipping!

  2. El Ruso says:

    Sin duda una foto histórica, Felicidades!!!

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