My Oil Palette

This is a photo of the old, engraved brass bowl that I use for my oil painting palette.  It has a piece of waxed paper folded inside.  The bowl is so heavy, it has a wonderful solid feeling, staying still while I stir my brush or knife around in the paint.  The waxed paper folds over on the paint and it slides into a large zip-lock bag to keep the paint from drying up too fast.

Next to the bowl you can see a vintage metal flower frog I use to hold brushes.

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1 Response to My Oil Palette

  1. aliceflynn says:

    I started painting in the 1960’s, when I was in high school. From both experience over the years and from instruction (in school, at the university) I’ve always kept my choice of colors in my oil palette to very limited, basic colors. If you are starting out in painting, spend your money on the best oils and brushes you can, and keep your palette simple. Avoid greens in a tube and rarely use black from a tube… I use zinc white mostly rather than titanium, as it has a more clear, bright quality.

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