Embracing Mid-Century Modern Style

I was born in 1951, and I live in a house built in 1951.  You may recognize this photo from an earlier post about my Fiesta Ware in the corner of my kitchen counter.

It has taken me decades to finally embrace mid-century style and accept that I live in a 1950’s house in the northern Rockies, not an old adobe in Santa Fe.

I have a brother who used to live in Santa Fe, and I house-sat a very old adobe house there.  I’ve always loved the color of adobe, the thick walls, the blue doors and shutters, the deep window wells… I’ve had to give up on my conflicting feelings about wanting to live in an old adobe house, when I actually own a mid-century style house.

When I moved into this house in 1987, buying it from the man who built it, the original 50’s light fixture was in the dining room.  It’s still there.  The bathroom had a large remnant of flamingo pink shag carpet covering it (that’s gone) and there was a built-in with angled black wire legs (still here).  The master bedroom had wallpaper with pink and black looping daisies the size of dinner plates (that’s gone).

I have finally embraced the things about my house that say MID-CENTURY MODERN and have learned to love them.

On my studio table is a stack of blank canvases waiting for a series of mid-century modern subjects to be painted.  Stay tuned.

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