Call Me, Telephone, A Mixed Media Painting

This is a painting on canvas that is 16 inches by 20 inches, just finished today.  It is a mixture of acrylic painting, ink, and heat transfer (no paper).   It isn’t a traditional collage.

I experimented with a photo I took of an old, black desk phone, one that I used until a few years ago.  I still keep this old phone on a bookshelf, an object I enjoy having in my studio.

If you go to my Etsy page, you can see a detail of the painting over the heat-transferred ink layer.

This is the same old phone I use in a photo pin-back button that says “Keep Calm and Call Me”.

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2 Responses to Call Me, Telephone, A Mixed Media Painting

  1. SketchBW says:

    Very nice, I really like the highlights

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