Dear Theo

My favorite autobiography and favorite book about an artist is Dear Theo, the autobiography of Vincent van Gogh.  If you also love van Gogh’s work, there is a new biography and a CBS 60 Minutes that is a must-see for you.

The Life and Death of Vincent van Gogh.

“… the authors of a new biography say their exhaustive forensic investigation suggests he may not have taken his own life. In this two-part piece, Morley Safer travels to France to retrace van Gogh’s final steps – and explore the authors’ detective work firsthand…”

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2 Responses to Dear Theo

  1. Bernadette says:

    Hi, just heard that new information about Van Gogh earlier today on T.V. Would love to see that documentary, hope it airs over here.Will get the book anyway, love his work, and all the work of the Impressionist painters. I saw a great Van Gogh exhibition in Budapest a few years ago, which was delightful.

  2. aliceflynn says:

    I watched the video online this morning at the link I posted. It was in two parts. Can you see it at the link?

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