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On the left is a plastic basin and lid I use for acrylic painting, and on the right are the palettes of my watercolors.  In the cold winter weather we have in Montana this time of year, I tend to move all my work in to a smaller room that stays warm.  In the large room near the bay window of the house, the drafts are much too chilly for working.  Today I placed these palettes and brushes together on a drawing board in the small, warm room, to get ready to work.

I’ve owned this house since 1987, and I’ve never solved the problem of the drafty large room in winter, except for the years I could get a couple cords of free firewood from a friend and keep the Lopi wood insert burning in the fireplace.

At some time before I bought this house, the previous owner tore off the west wall and expanded the dining room/kitchen/living room and added a wall of glass looking out to a deck and the west lawn.  I know the guy did most of the work building this house himself, and as I’ve never been able to figure out how to access the space underneath this addition, where some heating vents from the gas furnace were extended, I’m sure there should have been a more professionally finished heating system.

On my frugal budget, I haven’t been able to replace the old door and windows, nor explore the added heating vents, but I did get all the insulation added to the attic that it could stand.

Back to the painting palettes…. when painting, an artist is lost in the “zone”.   After painting, a look at the palette shows a beautiful chaos.  I love the look of used paint rags and palettes with their chaotic colors built up over time.

In news, it is time to renew your Directory of Illustration page for 2013, if you are an illustrator.  As self-employed artists know, advertising and marketing has to be part of our job as well as the “fun stuff” of creating.  Many people in this new, post-recession economy, have found that the old jobs are not coming back.  We have to re-invent ourselves and our work to fit the world of now.



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