Copyright Infringement and Public Ignorance

I’ve had my designs stolen a number of times over the decades, and every time I’ve tracked it down, it was because the person was basically ignorant about copyright and that they can’t just use and sell anything they like.  Today, I found that one of my designs I sell online, first on Etsy, then Cafepress, Zazzle, and Skreened, has found its way all over Pinterest without linking to me, its source and copyright holder.  So… I’m posting this image here, hoping it will make its way to Google image searches eventually, and people will see that I own the image and one must contact me for the right to reproduce it.  Artists need to be paid for our work.  We have bills and need to make a living just like everyone else.  I hope more people become aware of the rights protected by copyright laws.

copyright 2010 Alice Flynn

copyright 2010 Alice Flynn

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