Pumpkin Pi Season

The weather is turning cold here in Montana, and we already have snow on the mountains. Pumpkin pie flavored everything is on its way in the shops. I grew up making pies and cakes with my mother. When I left home to go to college and got my first apartment, I immediately bought my own rolling pin, pastry cloth, pyrex pie plates, and pastry cutter. I mastered making flaky pie crust at an early age. My favorite pie is pumpkin with a mound of whipped cream on the top of each slice. I don’t eat flour any more, so my days of pie making are sadly over. Here is a design I created last year for items in my Cafepress and Skreened shops online.

Pumpkin Pi design by Alice Flynn

Pumpkin Pi design by Alice Flynn

About aliceflynn

Artist - find me on wordpress and at aliceflynn.com.
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  1. aliceflynn says:

    I created this Pumpkin Pi art in Adobe Illustrator. – Alice Flynn

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