Memoir of My Great Aunt Alice Flynn

tom and ellen keaveny wedding picture
Tom and Ellen Keaveny, Wedding, Leitrim, Ireland
I have my cousin, Benedictine Sister Alicene Tucker, to thank for preserving stories and genealogy of our Flynn / Keaveny family from Glenfarne, Leitrim, Ireland. I was named after my father’s sister Alice Flynn, and she was named after my great aunt Alice Flynn. I now have learned that the name Alice Flynn has even older history in our family.  From a cousin in Ireland who contacted me through a DNA database, I learned that the name Alice has been passed down for many generations.

Sister Alicene was the daughter of my great aunt Alice Flynn. Below is a PDF scan of Alice Flynn’s memoir of their life in Ireland and the immigration to the USA in the 1880’s.

– Alice Colleen Flynn, Bozeman, Montana, April 2019

Alice Flynn Memoir PDF File

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