My Father’s Love Letter of Nov. 27, 1939

Leo_Letter_11-27-39I have a small photo of my mother. She is sitting on the steps of my Uncle Peter Flynn’s house in Musselshell, Montana. The time is the 1930s. My mother was 22 years old. My father was 15 years older than my mother. Uncle Pete and Aunt Molly’s home is where she was living when she met my father, Leo Flynn. Here is another letter my father wrote to her from one of the many places he was sent to work as an employee of the Great Northern Railway. See the previous posts of his letters for the circumstances of their communication.
– Alice Flynn

Judith Gap, Mont.
November 27, 1939

Dearest Vivian,

My Dear, I have started three letters to you today, two this Morning when I came from work and this one. Guess I’m getting the same habit you have. They don’t seem to read just right for some reason or other. Hope I do a little better with this one.
Our visit yesterday wasn’t near long enough. Was it? I did hate to leave you last night. Wish we could have spent a little time together. There is so many things we could talk over.
It was good to get home again, even though it was only for a short time. You can’t imagine how happy it has made me just to be able to spend a few hours with my loved ones. If only this job lasts and I can get a car to drive down once or twice a month., it won’t seem near so bad.
I had a funny feeling as we drew near home yesterday, was wondering how you would greet me. Vivian my dear I just don’t know what to say. Can’t find words to express my feelings. Had planned on having a talk with you alone. I could have told you that I do love you a tiny little bit, or More.
But when we did have those very few seconds together the words wouldn’t come. There is an old saying that there are times when silence speak louder than words. I’m sure that must have been one of the times, and I believe you felt it the same as I.
Received two of your letters this morning one that was forwarded from Bainveille and the one you wrote Friday. I’ve read them over a dozen times. Just can’t seem to get enough of them. Also received a letter from Molly and the girls that was forwarded.
Mary Jane said in her letter, Daddy please send 10 dollars and I will owe you. Suppose she was planning on buying Xmas presents. That reminds me, I haven’t heard that you have sent your letter to Santa yet. If you don’t hurry you will probably loose out. I could have him send you Hobby horse or a little red truck. Maybe you would like a 26 inch doll better. They are lovely dollies, I’ve seen them.
I do hope we have a nice Xmas this year. We’ve all planned on it so long. I just can’t imagine it being anything but a Happy Xmas if we can all be together, all I ask for is to spend a few days at home With You.
We got back home about 950 last Night. Frank doesn’t drive like I do. Never drives over 50 M.p.h. I believe I could make it down there in about two hours.
He’s a funny fellow, I tried to pay for the gas & oil for the trip and he acted as though he was hurt by just mentioning it. He wouldn’t take a cent. Wish he had, as I could feel free to ask him to make the trip again some time. He makes $265 a month and expenses, he is single and not much of a spender. So I guess it won’t run him short.
I have known him for a long time and never knew he even went with a girl. After we left Roundup he started talking about the children, family life & etc. He finally ended up telling me of his girl in Washington, and all these years I thought he was a confirmed old Batchelor.
Well my dear will close and get this up to the post office before it’s too late for today’s mail. Will be looking for a letter from you soon. If I can think of anything to write about will drop you a line again tomorrow. I still think your the best kid in the world and I love you for it. Answer Soon.

Lots of Love,

Half Agony Half Hope

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