Memorial Day 2014

My mother was a photographer in Montana in the 1930’s and 40’s. She took this photographic still life some time in the 1940’s. It always reminds me of Memorial Day. Thank you to all those who have served our country. – Alice Flynn

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Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

Dog lovers know how powerful this imperative is.

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I Don’t Shave For Sherlock Holmes

Watson, you should put that on a tee shirt.

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Not My Circus Not My Monkey Polish Proverb

“Self care” is a phrase I keep in mind to manage stress in life. It is important to maintain our own peace of mind while the stressful drama of others whirls around us. This is an old Polish proverb that I think helps to keep things in perspective. I created this design and offer it on shirts, totes, and other items on Cafepress and Skreened.Not My Circus Not My Monkey

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Nature Watercolor by Alice Flynn

Nature Watercolor by Alice Flynn

Dragonfly and bee Rocky Mountain scene in Montana

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Venus Velvet No. 2 Pencil On Arches Rag Paper


Another drawing from my portfolio – I use a pencil sharpened to a needle point when I draw, never erase, and love the soft surface of Arches rag paper.  Alice Flynn

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Flowers In The Midst Of Winter


Drawing of petunias in the flower bed of the Feathered Pipe Ranch.  Venus Velvet #2 in sketchbook by Alice Flynn

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Copyright Infringement and Public Ignorance

I’ve had my designs stolen a number of times over the decades, and every time I’ve tracked it down, it was because the person was basically ignorant about copyright and that they can’t just use and sell anything they like.  Today, I found that one of my designs I sell online, first on Etsy, then Cafepress, Zazzle, and Skreened, has found its way all over Pinterest without linking to me, its source and copyright holder.  So… I’m posting this image here, hoping it will make its way to Google image searches eventually, and people will see that I own the image and one must contact me for the right to reproduce it.  Artists need to be paid for our work.  We have bills and need to make a living just like everyone else.  I hope more people become aware of the rights protected by copyright laws.

copyright 2010 Alice Flynn

copyright 2010 Alice Flynn

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Season’s Greetings From Alice Flynn in Montana

Season's Greetings From Alice Flynn in Montana

From my house to yours, Happy New Year and Best Wishes for The Holiday Season. – Alice Flynn

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Jane Austen’s Birthday Today

Jane Austen's Birthday Today

I am a December baby, like Jane Austen. For all the Jane Austen fans out there, here is a design I created: “I Randomly Quote Jane Austen”. Happy birthday, Jane. – Alice

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Auction of Jane Austen Portrait At Sotheby’s

Auction of Jane Austen Portrait At Sotheby’s

The link above goes to the watercolor that inspired me in creating the watercolors of Jane Austen and her characters. – Alice

My painting: Jane Austen Watercolor

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Four Paintings At Wild Joe’s


My art show starting this week at Wild Joe’s Coffee House in downtown Bozeman, Montana, displays the above four paintings.  The installation has my following artist’s statement.

I have been making art for over 40 years, painting, drawing, and
printmaking.  I have painted from my travels in Central America and
Mexico, the objects that I collect around me, and my life and family
history in Montana.

“Alpenglow And Moonrise” was created from seeing the moon over the
Bridgers as the sun is setting.  I usually isolate one figure in a minimal
landscape.  The girl is painted with a round, moon-face, and her eyes
are turned to portray her awareness of the moon over her shoulder.

“Pete And Haystack” is my uncle Peter Flynn, a working man, son of an
Irish immigrant.  Pete escaped the coal mines of Pennsylvania to be in
the clean air of Montana.  He was in WWI, and because he was a
country boy, he was made a runner. His lungs were permanently
scarred by mustard gas.  I placed him in the type of landscape we see
in our rural state, with windbreaks of trees, and haystacks, and lollipop
shaped trees from cattle grazing beneath them.

“Esther In Winter” is a mysterious figure.  She looks like a boy at first,
with her hair tucked under a flat cap and her grey overcoat.  The snow
field and sky become a landscape because of the hinted trees on the
horizon. Esther’s red lips are my favorite part of this painting, the hint that
she is a woman, not a boy,  A bit of curling hair peaks out above her ear.

“Great Northern Railway Agent” was inspired by my father. He followed
his older relatives to Montana to work for the Great Northern. The many
wooden grain elevators in the plains of the US and Canada are relics of
homesteading and farming days.  My father started carrying ties for
laying track when he was 14, and retired as an agent and station master.
I remember my father telling me that at harvest time, when the grain
had to be shipped, it was often hard to get enough freight cars, as
the southern lines would keep the good Great Northern cars that were
not rotted by southern humidity.  The figure portrays a railroad agent
who wears a suit and tie, in the environment of the farmers.
Thank you for viewing my work.
Sunset Moonrise



Great Northern Freight Agent

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Rimrocks Of Eastern Montana

Many people in my family lived in Eastern Montana where the landscape sometimes has cliffs of sandstone that we call “rimrocks”.  The sandstone formations are outcrops in many counties.  This is a painting, acrylic on canvas, approximately 34 by 26 inches, that I painted of my Aunt Molly in the rimrocks of Musselshell, Montana.

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In Memory of Someone

A very strong lady whom I worked with in the printing industry has passed.  This digital painting is for her.Deb

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Friends, Neighbors, Homesteaders

When I was a senior in art school at MSU, my mother gave me boxes of old photos and negatives and asked me if I would collaborate with her photography to do a painting for a family reunion in 1974.  It was antithetical to paint from photos back then, but I had just finished an independent study paper on the influence of the invention of photography on art, and it gave me courage.  I have painted many paintings inspired by my mother’s photography in the 1930’s and 40’s since then, as a search for my own identity in my family, connecting to the relatives who lived before I was born.  I don’t know the names of these women, but the title is “Friends”.  They were homesteaders in Montana.  A wheat field is in the distance.  No GMO wheat existed in those days.

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Montana Vintage Era Cousin

If you follow my work, you will have noticed a thread of family characters in Montana from earlier times in the 20th century.  This one was inspired by a cousin named Bill.  Are you reminded of  “A River Runs Through It”?

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Another Mr Darcy Portrait

UPDATE: This painting sold on 4/24/13.  This ACEO size watercolor is an original painting in my series of many portraits of Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  It is in my Etsy shop at this link.

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Nature Watercolor Illustration


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My Thoughts Expressed For Boston Today


My empathy for Boston expressed today.

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Mr Darcy Watercolor Portrait

This is the most recent ACEO sized watercolor in my series of Jane Austen character portraits.  Each reader of Pride and Prejudice has her own imagined image of Mr. Darcy.  Our ideas of Darcy are now influenced by the film versions of Pride and Prejudice, but I have tried to create many versions in a series, each looking different than the other men.  This Darcy is the youngest looking so far.  The painting is available in my Etsy shop, click here.
UPDATE:  The Darcy painting was sold on April 13, 2013.  Thank you, Austenlover.

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