Spring – almost

Scary climate change making Montana too warm and dry this winter, but it is feeling like spring. Here’s a painting from my portfolio. The birds are checking out all the bird houses in my yard. This painting is a small oil on canvas. Alice Flynn

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My Birthday Today and Jane Austen

I’ve spent my birthday today watching old movies, including a production of Northanger Abbey. So, I still have Jane Austen on my mind. Here is another of my watercolor ACEO portraits inspired by Jane Austen.
Jane Austen Watercolor

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Happy Birthday Jane Austen

One of my watercolor portraits inspired by Jane Austen.
Jane Austen portrait by Alice Flynn

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Esther In Winter painting by Alice Flynn

I have not been blogging much since spring, when I suddenly found myself in the Intensive Care Unit of the local hospital with a life-threatening blood clot in my leg. The skilled people at Bozeman Deaconess Hospital saved my life. Turned out to be May-Thurner syndrome (yes, i had to google it, too). I woke with my left leg twice the size of my right, and from toes to hip, it was purple. Drove myself to the Emergency Room and experienced my jugular being cut open and a blood clot filter threaded into my body.
I was also dealing with Trigeminal Neuralgia at the time (google has lots of answers about what that is) and now the TN is in remission.

It is good to be alive and currently pain free!

Yesterday I spent three hours in my yard and garden getting everything ready for winter. The snow is on the mountains and will be in our valley soon.

Treasure every day and look for the beauty and kindness around us. Below is one of my paintings, titled Esther In Winter.  – Alice Flynn


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Before Snow Flies

I’m tidying up the yard before winter sets in. I have only the pond pump and hoses to gather and put away. I will make cuttings from the leggy red geraniums to pot up and root over the winter. Here is a watercolor I created some years ago of a thistle, a traditional symbol of Scotland.

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Aarrr! Pass the grog, me hearties!

How quickly a year passes! Talk like a Pirate day was upon me before I knew it! It’s just for fun, as the founders of this day say, and if you join in the chorus of the sea chanty and partake in the frivolities, here are designs for you that I created for Cafepress and Skreened on mugs, tees, and other items.

copyright Alice Flynn

copyright Alice Flynn


copyright 2012 Alice Flynn

copyright 2012 Alice Flynn

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Pumpkin Pi Season

The weather is turning cold here in Montana, and we already have snow on the mountains. Pumpkin pie flavored everything is on its way in the shops. I grew up making pies and cakes with my mother. When I left home to go to college and got my first apartment, I immediately bought my own rolling pin, pastry cloth, pyrex pie plates, and pastry cutter. I mastered making flaky pie crust at an early age. My favorite pie is pumpkin with a mound of whipped cream on the top of each slice. I don’t eat flour any more, so my days of pie making are sadly over. Here is a design I created last year for items in my Cafepress and Skreened shops online.

Pumpkin Pi design by Alice Flynn

Pumpkin Pi design by Alice Flynn

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